Digital Property & Potential Analysis
With the digital property and potential analysis, you can identify building potential and spatial qualities throughout Berlin data based and at an early stage in the process - whether for the purchase or development process.
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Digitale Information & Beteiligung
Mithilfe neuster Webtechnologie machen wir Ihre Planung digital erlebbar – ganz ohne Installation und technische Infrastruktur.

Strategies and Tools

Consulting & Development

Form Follows You arbeitet als Innovationsbüro an der Schnittstelle zwischen räumlicher Planung und digitalen Prozessen. Wir konzipieren und entwickeln mit Ihnen digitale Werkzeuge, agile Prozesse und innovative Strategien. Für die reibungslose Integration unserer Lösungen in Ihre Abläufe, beraten und unterstützen wir Sie mit unserem interdisziplinär denkenden und arbeitenden Team. Unsere Themenfelder reichen von der Entwicklung und Beratung von Smart-City-Strategien, über digital-gestützte Beteiligungsprozesse und Analysewerkzeuge, bis hin zur Entwicklung KI-gestützter Planungswerkzeuge. Durch den Einsatz neuster technologischer Hilfsmittel in der Planung und Kommunikation ist es uns möglich, mit Ihnen und Ihren Prozessbeteiligten komplexe Sachverhalte zielführend, inklusiv und effizient zu verhandeln.

Specialism and Services


Whenever we have worked out solutions to problems with our customers that are also helpful for other stakeholders, we develop them further into products that are quick and easy to use.

Analysis & Scenarios

Welche Flächen eignen sich zur Nachverdichtung? Welches bauliche Potenzial bieten Grundstücke? Wieviele Wohnungen kann ich mit welchen Gebäudetypologien an meinem Standort realisieren? Diese und viele weitere Fragen beantworten unsere digitalen Analysen und KI-gestützten Szenarien.

Information & Beteiligung

The effects of planning on the built environment and vice versa are even for experts difficult to grasp. Our digital 3D participation tools convey this information intuitively and interactively. They enable a well-founded exchange of information between all parties involved.

Generative Planning

From generatively created type houses for modular housing construction, to interactive planning of the best possible container locations for municipal waste management: Generative planning enables the optimization of many different planning processes.

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The 21st century, known as the Information Age, is overcoming social and physical boundaries that we are familiar with. Digital networking opens up new opportunities for participation and shaping an open society. This is accompanied by increasing complexity. Inadequate communication leads to reduction and the emergence of new local and global borders. It is up to us to respond to this development with good digital participation strategies. Therefore, Form Follows You takes on the task of making the design of the digital and physical world accessible and inclusive.

Our modern society is based on trust in experts who take decisions for others. However, this relationship is often questioned nowadays. Many people do not feel involved in decision-making processes. We believe that these differences can be overcome by appropriate communication methods. Therefore, we offer spatial and digital strategies to make expert knowledge accessible, enrich competencies and allow decision-making at eye level.

Posts and Applications


In our work we move between architecture, urban planning, computer science and communication design. We design tailor-made processes and algorithms to make the physical design of our environment more accessible and understandable. 

Creative minds & Strategists


Martin Dennemark

Founder & Partner

In addition to Form Follows You, Martin has been part of the Integrated Infrastructure research project at Bauhaus University Weimar and EiABC since the end of 2016. The project focuses on digital planning strategies for growing cities in Ethiopia. He also collaborates with #donotsettle, an architecture vlogging project.

Max Rudolph

Founder & Partner

From 2017 to 2020 Max researched and taught as a research assistant at the Einstein Center Digital Future Berlin on urban resilience and digitalization. Before he was working for the renown architecture office Sauerbruch & Hutton and took part at IBA Heidelberg (Internationale Bauausstellung) .

Benedikt Wannemacher

Founder & Partner

From 2017 to 2020, Benedikt was a research associate at the Digital and Experimental Design and Construction chair at the architecture faculty at University of Kassel. He studied in the renowned ITECH Master program and worked for the well-known architecture firm Gerkan Marg & Partner (gmp) in Berlin.

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