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Form Follows You is an office for architecture and urban planning with a focus on the application and conception of digital tools and strategies. As an interdisciplinary working and thinking team, we offer our clients integral planning processes and consulting services. The spectrum ranges from digitally supported participatory processes, through individual planning of buildings to the holistic view of urban living spaces. We would be pleased to advise you on the digitization of your planning and participation processes for building projects. Using state-of-the-art technological tools in planning and communication, we are able to negotiate complex issues expediently, in an inclusive and efficient manner with our customers and process participants.

Strategies and Tools


Through rule-based design and computer-aided spatial analysis, we accelerate the planning and negotiation process in architecture and urban planning. The field of application spans from the portfolio analysis, via the determination of the potentials, the negotiation of variants in planning processes up to the individual, digitally-supported planning of buildings.

Contextual Data
View Analysis
Street Analysis
Illumination Analysis

Contextual Analysis

The analysis of urban datasets with the help of our digital tools allows us to make a qualitative statement about spatial potentials in the city for different use cases (residential, commercial, social infrastructures etc.):

  • Contextual Data
  • View- and Illumination Qualities
  • Pathways & Connections
  • Noise Imissions

Scenario Negotiation

Through rule-based design, we can present different planning scenarios in real time and evaluate them with their key figures and dependencies in context:

  • Accessible Visualisations
  • Interactive Tools
  • Comparison of Variants
  • Realtime Scenario-Generation

Digital Planning

The digital 3D building model provides precise geometries to think through all details in the design and to exclude sources of error at an early stage.

  • Digital Process Chain
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Informed Production Methods
  • Modular Building Data

Explore our Perspectives


Das 21. Jahrhundert überwindet als Informationszeitalter uns bekannte soziale und physische Grenzen. Die digitale Vernetzung eröffnet neue Möglichkeiten der Teilhabe und Gestaltung einer offenen Gesellschaft. Damit einher geht auch eine steigende Komplexität. Wird diese nicht angemessen vermittelt, führt sie jedoch zu Reduktion und dem Aufkommen neuer lokaler wie globaler Grenzen. Es liegt an uns, auf diese Entwicklung mittels guter Strategien der digitalen Teilhabe zu antworten. Daher nimmt Form Follows You sich der Aufgabe an, die Gestaltung der digitalen und physischen Welt zugänglich und inklusiv zu gestalten.

Our modern society is based on trust in experts who take decisions for others. However, this ratio is often questioned today. Many people do not feel involved in decision-making processes. We believe that this difference can be overcome through appropriate communication methods. Therefore, we provide spatial and digital strategies to make expert knowledge accessible, to enrich competencies, and to enable eye-level decision-making.

Posts and Applications


In our work we move between architecture, urban planning, computer science and communication design. We design tailor-made processes and algorithms to make the physical design of our environment more accessible and understandable. This work needs care and attention. Therefore the discourse is just as important to us as the testing. In this way, we can not only improve design and planning processes, but also support decision-making.

Creative minds & Strategists

Our Team

Martin Dennemark

Co-Founder & Partner

Neben Form Follows You ist Martin seit Ende 2016 Teil des Forschungsprojekts Integrated Infrastructure an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar und der EiABC. Schwerpunkt des Projektes sind digitale Planungsstragien für heranwachsende Städte in Äthiopien. Nebenbei kollaboriert er mit #donotsettle, einem Architektur Vlogging Projekt.

Max Rudolph

Co-Founder & Partner

Neben Form Follows You forscht und lehrt Max seit Oktober 2017 als Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Einstein Center Digital Future Berlin zum Thema urbane Resilienz und Digitalisierung. Zuvor sammelte er Erfahrung im angesehenen Architekturbüro Sauerbruch Hutton und nahm an der IBA Heidelberg (Internationale Bauausstellung) teil.

Benedikt Wannemacher

Co-Founder & Partner

Neben Form Follows You ist Benedikt seit Dezember 2017 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl Digital and Experimental Design and Construction an der Architekturfakultät der Universität Kassel. Er studierte im renommierten ITECH Master Programm und war für das bekannte Architekturbüro Gerkan Marg & Partner (gmp) in Berlin tätig.

Co-Operation Partner

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