Digital Participation

Form Follows You brings together different people, ideologies and disciplines in spatial planning processes. Our digital tools communicate complex issues - inclusive, adaptive and individually adapted!  

The importance of citizen communication in planning processes is increasing. Nevertheless, planning documents require spatial imagination and expert knowledge. With our participation app, projects of different scales can be communicated and effects on the existing situation can be simulated.   

The Leipzig Charter already defined the efforts towards integral planning in 2007 through the BMI. Today, more than ten years later, this project continues to be a major challenge. The growing number of influencing factors and disciplines in urban and building planning creates great complexity. We develop digital tools and strategies that help you keep an overview, simulate scenarios and make the right decisions.

Through the real-time simulation of complex planning projects, you always have an overview of urban ripple and scenario effects under constant control of your area parameters.

How is the school and green space supply in the district? Does the planning project require measures to compensate or increase infrastructure capacities?

And: Is it possible to realize the aimed gross floor area despite the concessions through the negotiations?

No planning project is like the other: tell us about your challenges. Even if our repertoire of existing tools does not provide a fitting answer to your problem, we are happy to offer you individual advice. Building on this, there is the possibility of initiating customized adjustments or developments.

Citizen participation and effective stakeholder negotiations in construction projects are becoming increasingly important in today's planning processes. Due to the increase in the interests and disciplines involved, which need to be taken into account in these projects, the complexity of planning increases considerably. Form Follows You develops digital tools to illustrate complex planning relationships in an understandable and comprehensible manner for different target groups in the process, as well as to interactively simulate alternative scenarios. 

The applicability ranges from the individual building project to the urban district development.  


Awarded at the BBU Future Awards 2019 - Category "Gesellschaften"

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been offering the Participation-App, a flexible and adaptive tool to intuitively communicate planning projects in citizen participation processes and to enable interactive participation. By simulating different times of day, the course of shadows, visual relationships and the display of additional information such as the fire service area and the clearance areas, planning restrictions can be communicated clearly. With this information, citizens can make a qualified evaluation and incorporate their own ideas with comments or the setting of structures. In common scenarios, building proposals can be compared in real time in terms of their spatial qualities and structural quantities. The data used for this is based on precise planning documents, open source data and can be used consistently for further planning steps. 

As part of information events for construction projects, the app helps to understand complex planning scenarios in an understandable way and to negotiate variants together.
The App allows intuitive and supportive access for discussion of relevant planning content, both in smaller planning groups and in personal contact.
With an adapted range of functions, the app can be used independently by residents at exhibitions.