Planning & Design

Form Follows You has its origins in architecture and urban planning. With this background, we design ideas and strategies, informed and digitally supported. We support and coordinate urban planning processes, work on feasibility studies, urban concepts, and sustainable masterplans. 

As architects and urban planners at the intersection to information technology, we digitally accompany and coordinate planning processes from building scale to urban design.

In our work, we use the current state of the art to map planning processes in an agile and efficient manner. In addition, we create and use tailor-made software to optimize work processes and negotiate planning complexities.

Spatial planning always has something to do with the negotiation of interests. With a digital model, we can absorb changes quickly and agile to implement them without losing planning time. That is why we always work with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and efficient in-house developments to make planning quick, adaptive and compatible.

We digitize your planning process and divide individual building plans into regular modular components within a system. 

The indexing of the modules within a database enables an agile and flexible planning basis. This means that all information is referenced to one another and changes can be transferred dynamically. 

The next logical step from digital planning is to digitally manufacture the module parts. Using integrated system kits, the modular building models can be passed on to the manufacturing partners with high performance in order to maintain early cost certainty and prevent double planning.