IBA Game

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20,000 Blocks Above the Ground

IBA Heidelberg - Internationale Bauaustellung, Germany

with DDU – Digital Design Unit TU Darmstadt, Germany

and in Cooperation with studio messiosmarios

IBA_GAME is an initiative of IBA Heidelberg and is built on the 20.000 BLOCKS platform by the Digital Design Unit (DDU) at Technische Univesität Darmstadt. It is made possible by Eternit GmbH.

20.000 BLOCKS is collaborative platform based on the multiplayer game Minecraft. It harnesses the collective intelligence of players into a powerful creative exploration tool. The platform can be adapted for various architectural, urban and design tasks. The German city of Heidelberg — famous for its old-town and castle — will develop a large new city quarter on the grounds of the Patrick Henry Village. With IBA_GAME you can create and share your idea what it could be like. In the game you create small neighbourhoods. Hundreds of them form the new city quarter designed by you and other players. Your best designs will be shown at a public exhibition in Heidelberg in March 2017 — so get building! PLAY IT!

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